Steering Double-Drum Vibratory Roller

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The RL-800DZ & RL-900DZ steering vibratory roller includes the steering control that allows the roller to turn to the left or right at an angle ranging from 0 to 20°, in additional to forward or reverse travel. The steering bearing is custom made to suit specific job requirements.

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RL-800DZ Double-drum roller




Technical specification:

Model RL-800DZ RL-900DZ
Engine Diesel engine 178F 6.0HP
Weight  (KGS) 852 920
Vibratory Frequency (times/min) 3600 3600
Centrifugal Force  (KN) 24 30
Max. Travelling Speed   (KM/H) 2.5 2.5
Gradeability   (%) 30 30
Water tank capacity  (L) 35 35
Fuel tank capacity    (L) 23 23
Vibratory Wheel Dia (mm) 377 377
Vibratory Wheel Width (mm) 650 750
Packing size(cm) 131*74*112cm (handle 162*31*38)


Compaction would be more effective if this road roller is used on most of the job sites other than the soft ground that contains too much moisture. Typical uses of the roller are in the soil, sand, gravel, and asphalt compaction sites.

Power Transfer:

1. A water-cooled single-cylinder diesel engine or an alternative air-cooled unit is fitted into the roller. Output power of the motor is transferred via the centrifugal clutch. The purpose of the clutch is to engage when the engine speeds up and disengage when the engine is idling.

2. The drum features a built-in clutch that transfers power from the engine to the drum and provides energy for drum riding forward.

3. The hydraulic pump generates hydraulic pressure through out hydraulic hose coming from oil tank. The pressure is converted into torque to drive the drum shaft for rotation thereby going forward.

4. The traveling speed of forward or reverse motion is adjusted by the movement of operating lever.

5. The vibration action is generated the vibrator unit, exerting vibrating force into the ground for compaction.

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2. How about your delivery time?

Generally, it will take 10 -45working days after receiving you advance payment .

3. What is the warranty of our machine?

Our main machine enjoys 12 months warranty

4. Do you test all your goods before delivery?

Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.And we will attach our inspect report for every machine.

5. Do you Preferred provide wear parts for transacted clients?

Yes, we have records for your clients, and will prefer providing accessories to clients.

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