Power Trowel

The ACE walk behind helicopter concrete power trowel machine imparts a smooth surface finish to the freshly-poured concrete slabs while improving the efficiency of surface treatment. It is commonly seen on concrete pouring sites where the concrete needs to be properly settled to form an interior floor or patio for a deck. The trowel features a single blade or multiple blades that rotate in a safety cage. Depending on the size of your job size, you can either choose a Walk behind version trowel machine or Ride on type power trowel machine. Rotating blades are generally 24 to 46 inches long. They take three forms: Floating Blades , Finishing blades , or Combined Blades.

Concrete trowel machinery main include :Walk behind power trowel, Ride on power trowel ,Remote power trowel ,Laser screed ,Vibratory Truss screed


Mainly used for concrete ground compaction, leveling, polishing. Surface of concrete will be smooth after working, the degree of compaction of construction surface is greatly improved. Widely used in high standard concrete ground, airport, lawn and floor.



1. Extra large gearbox withstands long time of use.
2. Heavy-weight design ensures a flat surface with a smooth finish.
3. The operating lever is adjustable in terms of its height. Dead mans switch assures operator safety and easy control.
4. The concrete power trowel has the lifting bar as standard to allow the equipment to be carried to the job site by only two men.
5. The centrifugal safety delay switch shuts down the engine immediately in the event of operators losing grip on the operating lever.
6. The screw control makes sure the blade precisely adjusted.
7. For operating safety, the guard ring is utilized.
8. Lifting hook and throttle control are both available as options.

1.  46 Inch Gasoline Power Trowel machine for sale with GX270 9HP Engine + 2 Year Warranty ,EPA/CE Standard
●46 Inch Working width includes blades and float pan
●With LONCIN GF270 9HP or Robin EY28 7.5HP Gasoline engine for optional
●Adjust blade pitch from 0-28°
●Operate close to walls, edges and corners with independent rotating flywheel
●2 Year Engine Warranty
●Lifting hook is available as optional.
Throttle control is available as optional.
●The Blade size is 355*200mm and underpan 1180mm

2.  40" Walk Behind Power Trowel machine for sale Gas Power 5.5HP HONDA Engine with Combo Blades Float Pan for Concrete Finishing Cement Floor Surface

●5.5 HP HONDA GX160 engine with 2-year warranty
●40 in. working width includes blades and float pan
●Adjust blade pitch from 0-28°
●Operate close to walls, edges and corners with independent rotating flywheel
●2 Year Engine Warranty
●Robin EY20 5.0HP Engine or LONCIN GF200 6.5HP Gasoline engine for an optional
●Blade size 350*150mm and underpan working diameter is 980mm
●The net weight is 90kgs and Gross weight is 105kgs
●The Packing size is 101*101*75cm

3.  Walk-Behind 36" Helicopter Concrete Power Trowel for sale with Float Pan - Powered by 5.5 HP Loncin G200F Gasoline Engine
●90% Assembled - Almost Ready To Run Out of Box
●Powered by 5.5HP Loncin Gasoline Engine (EPA and CARB Certificated)
●Crate Dimension: 40" x 40" x 30"H - Shipping Wt: 293 lb. - Net Wt: 205 lb.
●Includes: Power Trowel, Float Pan, Tool Kit and User Instruction Manuals
●Cast iron spider assembly and precision ground arms for tight tolerances and faster troweling
●Robust gearbox with high tensile steel shafting for long life
●Easy pitch handle + Finishing blades included +Floats Pan
●The Blade size is 330*150mm and working underpan is 900mm
●The Net weight is 84kgs and Gross weight is 98kgs
●The shipping size is 92*92*75cm

4.  30" Power Trowel concrete finishing machine 4 blades, gasoline engine GX160 @ 5.5Hp, includes handle
●- Throttle control is a standard feature.
●- Lifting tube as standard feature, allows trowel to be transported on the job site with only two people.
●- Over built gearbox assures long service life
●- Height adjustable handle, assures operator comfort and easy control
●- Centri-safety switch, shuts the engine down in the event of the operator loosing control of the unit
●HONDA GX160 5.5HP ,Robin EY20 5.0HP OR LONCIN GF200 5.0HP Gasoline engine for your optional
●The blade size is 6" x 10.5" (270*150MM) and working underpan is 780mm
●The Net weight is 75kgs and Gross weight is 87kgs
●The packing size is 86*86*75cm

5.  24" Power Trowel Edger Walk Behind Gas Power 5.5 HP HONDA Engine with Blades 24" Float Pan for Concrete Finishing Cement Floor Surface
●Air-cooled 163cc / 5.5 HP Kohler Engine
●Includes 24" Float Plan and Combo Blades
●Adjust blade depth from 0-28 degrees
●Rotating Guard Ring to finish up close to walls
●The blade size is (4.75" x 9" ) 120*230mm and Float pan is 600mm (24in)
●The net weight is 68kgs and Gross weight is 78kgs
●The packing size is 67*67*75cm

6.   600mm-800mm Intelligent Remote power trowel machine with BS VANGUARD 200 6.5HP Gasoline engine
●Remote start and remote stop
●Remote accelerator
●Remote water spraying system (optional)
●Remote forward and backward motion
●Remote left and right rotation motion
●RC-60T Remote power trowel with 8 pcs blade and working diameter is 1200*600mm double pan
●RC-80T Remote power trowel with 8 pcs blade and working diameter is 1600*800mm double pan

7.  ART65 30 Inch Ride on Power Trowel Compatible with Honda GX390 13 HP Engine + 2 Year Warranty

●Twin 30" 8-blades spiders designed to fit on those smaller slabs and tight areas
●Honda GX390 13HP gasoline engine
●Adjustable seat
●Finishing blade: 270*150*1.7mm and 3.6kgs
●Float pan: Plate (double brackets) L1570 mm*W750mm
●The net weight is 265kgs (‎683 pounds)
●The Power Trowel Machine Dimension is L1710(68)*W940(37)*H1150(45) mm (in)

8.  ART-80 72" Twin 36" Ride On Trowel concrete for sale cement

● Twin 36" 8-blades spiders designed to fit on those smaller slabs and tight areas
●Honda GX690 24HP gasoline engine
●Adjustable seat
●4 halogen work lights
●Independent manual pitch & ESI manual steering
●Float pan: Plate (double brackets) L1900 mm*W915mm
●The net weight is 316kgs
●The Concrete Power Trowel Machine Dimension is L1980 *W996*H1320 mm

9.  Double pans 1175mm(46in) Hydraulic Concrete Ride on Power Trowel for sale +2 years warranty
● Twin 46" 10-blades spiders designe,much better compaction result
●A strong power by KOHLER CH940 34HP gasoline engine
●Hydraulic type steering system with rapid response and easy control
●With dual rotor ,much heavier weight and much better compaction,high owrking efficiency
●Working size: Plate (double brackets) L2430 mm*W1150mm
●The net weight is 598kgs
●This Concrete Ride on Power Trowel also have another size with working diameter is L1890*W 916MM

10.  CRT836 Twin 36” Ride on Power trowel machine for sale with HONDA GX690 24HP Gasoline engine +2years warranty
● This type have have three different working size for your choose 1910mm/2350mm and 2480 mm
●Honda GX690 24HP gasoline engine
●Adjustable operator's seat for greater comfort
●Heavy duty gearboxes for long life and low maintenance
●Standard light kit to improve visibility in poorly lit conditions.
●Float pan: Plate (double brackets) L1900 mm*W915mm
●The net weight is 340 kgs (748lbs)

How to Operate the Power Trowel Machine?

Step 1 - Choose the Right One
For a poured concrete area no more than 1000m2, a walk behind model with 24- to 36-inch long blades is fit for purpose. Prepare the floating-type and finishing-type blades, or a combination of the two for doing this job.
When the work area exceeds 1000m2, a ride-on version becomes a necessity. It can speed up the finishing process before the concrete sets too firmly. The blades needed for performing this job should be 36- to 48-inch long. If there are corners or edges on the slab, switch to the 24-inch blade to handle them. Choose either the floating version or finishing version blades for this job. The combined type is also an ideal fit.

Step 2 - Examine the Concrete Slab prior to Troweling
Leave the concrete to hardening for a few hours until it is strong enough to support your body and power trowel. You can test the strength of the concrete by doing a footprint test. Step onto the concrete slab and measure the depth of your footprint. If you sink down 1/8 inch more or less, the concrete is at the right hardness

Step 3 - Float the Concrete to Remove "Hills and Valleys"
1. Use the floating blades or the combined blades to level the concrete surface on your first pass. The floating motion flattens the protrusions and fills the hollows.
2. Run the concrete power trowel at a speed approaching 3/4 of the rated value. In this way, the weight of the machine can be evenly distributed over the concrete slab, thus avoiding the machine digging into the concrete.
3. The rotational speed is kept at a proper level, preventing splatter of concrete pours being thrown forward to block the machine's passage.
4. Overlap the previous pass by 1/2 the length of the trowel blades as you run the machine from one side to the other of the concrete slab.
5. When you have finished floating the entire slab once, turn the machine at 90 degrees to your first rows. This crossover floating technique allows you to focus on the spots that are missed in the first finishing session.

Step 4 - Finish the Concrete to Seal, Close and Polish
1. Change the trowel blade to finishing blades. Or you can resume the finishing work with the combined blades to create a shiny, polished surface, with special attention to seal the bug holes on the slab.
2. Run the power trowel machine at a speed approaching its rated capacity. Lower the blades to come close to the slab surface, in order to apply maximum pressure to the slab.
3. Make a second pass if necessary, focusing on the protrusions, hollows, or corners.

Safety Tips
1. Prior to operation, users should put on goggles, ear protection and boots with steel toe and soleplate.
2. Wear heavy leather work gloves while changing power trowel blades.
3. Move slowly when turning corners to keep the power trowel from tipping.
4. Turn off the concrete power trowel machine to clean or change blades.
5. Enclose the area, for safety and to prevent marring the concrete.