R940 Crawler Excavator From Libherr

图片1France R&D and production center just finished a new machine –R940 Crawler Excavator which is the latest products for the series of R 944C

Benefitted to the rich experience from Libherr, the new machine have a good working ability, and that may build up a new standard for the coming excavator. Because this machine can do more match to the environment. And that machine also adding the blank of R950 and R960 series can suit for more demolition place.

This new machine suit for the EU-5 standard emission. And output rate could reach 200KW, in the same time have the DOC,SCR sytem, DPF and unload the EGR valve. All those equipment can do the fuel saving and protect the Engine. Besides, it could offer the Tier 4 Final version. Eventually, Libherr offer the matched engine for some special market.

 Here have one important part LDC, With the loading safety spare parts, Driver could know the machine position and the dozer place, if have any danger the LDC will receive the message the make the driver know.

In the same time the Driver cabin make more adjustment like the Hydraulic chassis, and the removable Counterweight plate. Driver can also use the Air compressor to make the fresh air in the cabin.


This new machine may rebuild the standard for Demolition Excavator.


Post time: Oct-21-2020