Mini excavator is popular in Japan and The Feedback

Hello everyone, Today we want to show the details and machine details for the mini excavator.

Now we have the wholesale in Japan. And with the details we checked there are over 93.6% of excavator can work 1 year without question. And 3% of the machine will do some trouble which could be repair in an easy way.

That what is the machine most important in the Country.


The operation of control need to have a good condition, so the seat is one important part. We choose the good supplier in China to choose the sear which can protect you.

And the cover with PVC plastic and in order to anti-shock we also adding some soft material to make sure feel good.

Second Pilot control System

The pilot control system having a huge space, and the control way could by foot and hand together.

If you have any question just feel free to let me know.

Eventually you can have a look for the feedback from our customer.

Wish we can make a better Cooperation with you together.

Post time: Jul-02-2021