Mini excavator in promotion and free accessories for the new customer in France

Now times the small mini excavator is more and more popular in the agriculture and personal garden. We can see here are the details for the support.

1.Good swing arms.



The swing arm is depend on one hydraulic pump, that all CXA, CXB series have this attachment. With this parts, the Arm can easy do the digging in the corner.

2.The  easy operation.


With the development of mini excavator there are so many other switch in the whole machine like the electric control and the cold fluid. In order to make the machine in good condition for different area. We can make the normal check. When open the back cover in first time.

3.Professional wielding.


Good machine need good condition for the wielding. Our factory just purchase different kinds of wielding machine robot to make sure the Q345B style steel plate could work.

So the Plate could satisfy the different environment in France.


As we all know the France have various and powerful season to make the machine hard to work.

Now The CX series have the special kinds only for France. To make the machine with EU-5 emission standard, CE certification. And Focused on the machine details.

And for easy to use we always keep one free accessories to make the machine work well.

Just like our Idea: To grow up with our customer together.

Post time: Apr-06-2021