Mini concrete mixer growing more and more popular in Ukraine.

One good concrete mixer need to be easy cleaning especially in the different situation such as house building and garden repairing.

Of course its not so easy to choose a good machine, before purchasing, the first question is the size/ capacity of mixer.


Different sizes can satisfy the different need, usually the 130L to 160L is suit for many situation, but we also offer the small one like 110L and 80L which could do the seed mixing or the other usage.

Second part the power is also very important, if you want the electric motor the power usually can reach 400 w to 1500w the bigger the higher. If gasoline or diesel engine usually cost 5.0HP. Thats why 350L machine need to loading diesel engine.

Final the inner parts.


Mixing machine could do the mixing by make round for the drum. But many times the inner frame will do harm to the trouble. So we will do our best to help our customer to choose our machine to work better.

Now we just have a good discount for all the customers, if any question feel free to let us know.

Post time: Jun-25-2021