Concrete saw Road saw in Dust Control for England

In order to suit the various environment for England, our company just get one new style machine to suit for your need.

Diamond saw blades for concrete are usually laser welded, they are normally designed for wet cutting because the concrete to be cut is often very hard or abrasive. If the blades are used without adequate water, the diamond segment itself may break or the steel core below the segment may wear and break, and then the segment may fly out and may hurt the operator or people nearby. If you have to perform dry cutting for some reason, you can choose sharper diamond blades, and the dry cutting should be intermittent and shallow (you can do several passes of shallow cuttings to gain a deep cut) to keep the diamond blade cool.


That all our technical is to improve the using of the concrete cutter for the better using. You can have a look for the machine details which including changeable engine. We can provide the Honda, Robin and Locin. Which can leading to different situation for cutting and protect.

Post time: Apr-16-2021