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Manual Road Marking Machine

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ACE could offer high quality manual road marking machine. Hand Push Marking Machine is one of the key machines for thermo-melting marking. The marking quality depends on the stability of machine frame and the operating range of marking hopper, which reflect the difference in performance of machine.

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Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine is used for marking reflective lines (straight lines, dotted lines, direction arrows, letters and symbols) on high way, city street, parking lot, factory and warehouse. It have two models of Hand Push and automatic one (engine driven).

1.More stable:

Through gravity adjustment, widened front wheel, the Marking Machine is more stable than traditional ones when marking 450mm zebra crossing.


Through repeatedly gravity test, rechoose new shaft, the marking machine is much lighter, reduced operator’s working intensity. So the marking works become easier and more effectively.

3.Easy to operate:

Marking hopper’s operating range minimized from 300mm to 200mm, more accurately , easier to control, therefore such problems as slow hopper withdrawal and uneven finishing mark edge are solved. A multi-point sliding block pressing structure is used to avoid material leakage witch often occurs to similar products due to the two tightly pressed sides and large deformation in the middle of product alike.

Technical Date

Hand Push Marking Machine (Screed type)
Model TW-H
Cover Thermoplastic
Engine Manual one, no engine
Dimensions 1200 mm *900 mm*900mm
Output capacity About 1500m/h for standard single continuous line
Paints thickness 1.2-4mm
Application Width 100mm,150mm,200mm
Temperature maintenance of paints 170-220℃
LPG cylinder norm 15kg,10kg
Marking width 50,80,100,120,150,200,230,250,300mm, etc. The machine is more suitable for marking 450mm zebra stripes.
Tank capacity for thermoplastic 105kg
Function Keep melted paint warm and mark line.
Total weight of machine 125kg
Capacity of glass beads box 25kg
Bead dispensing method Gear Driven, Automatically Clutch
Work with a preheater Yes
Daily work efficiency 1000 m2
Could equip with  boosting driver, boosting plate, boosting chair? Boosting Drive (with Engine )




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Company Advantages

Follow up customers' feedback after receive the products, andt try our best to solve and improve the quality and service

over 90% of products are exported

Focusing on Exclusive Agent and take our customers grow up together


1.What about the shipment?
A: It is on your choice. Usually, we recommend sea shipping which provides reasonable prices. Also, for spare parts, it could be in FEDX, DHL and their international express.
2. Could you produce customized machine?
A: Yes, we could. We are the manufacturer of thermoplastic road marking machine in Guangzhou City.
3. Can I adjust the line thickness? And how?
A:Yes, it could be adjusted by edging knife and hanger. The normal line thickness is 1.2-4 mm.
4.Could you produce customized machine?
A: Yes, we could. We are the manufacturer of thermoplastic road marking machine in Guangzhou City..

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